Proof in Hand

Phantom Paradigm Proof Copy
The Phantom Paradigm, 1st printed copy

So I finished The Phantom Paradigm about a month ago.  When I say finished, I mean I read through it making corrections, changes and additions for the fourth complete time.  By the end of the fourth read-through I was ready for it to get a walking.

Now it’s been liberated from my over-protection.  It’s out there in the real world doing things behind my back. Getting read by randoms.  Getting proofed by strangers.  Getting fitted for covers.  Out there do filthy things.

I honestly thought after reading through it four complete times that I wasn’t in need of a real proofreader. Foolish mortal. My book was sent for proofing and when I got it back, I was all but positive that the only corrections needed might of been a missed comma or an apostrophe in the wrong place. Nope. My poor book looked like my arm when I’ve had too much wine and let our cat use it as a scratching post. Ellie the editor sliced and diced the pages making them run red. Who knew you needed so many commas? The best note was a suggestion to maybe try using a different descriptive word for the color red other than menstruation. Note was taken.

A couple days ago I received my first printed Proof.  What a curious feeling to hold your first book in print form.  A quality feeling it is.  Even if nobody reads or likes it, I can always look at my bookshelf and point to a book I’ve written.

Unfortunately I’ve decided on some changes that are needed to the cover and interior before I can approve it so maybe another two weeks or so before The Phantom Paradigm makes it’s way beyond my inner circle and out into the fray to get lost in the jungle. No big deal. I’m still putting together this website and still have other bases to cover.