By the Graces of Zeus

Thank you great Zeus!  After rewrites, editing, formatting, proof reviews and a lot of cheap red wine, my book is done and for sale on Amazon.  Not a bad accomplishment as far as shit goes. I was in Paris the day France won the World Cup.  I was in the Red Light District of Amsterdam looking through the same red-lit window as Cypress Hill.  I’ve never gotten a DUI.  And now I’ve written a book.  Life is complete.

The title of my book had changed a couple of times as well as the majority of the story.  The Phantom Ledger was the first title.  Then I was toying with the Ph-Ledger.  Then I settled on The Phantom Paradigm which I really couldn’t conceive something that fit the story any better.  And I figured it’d be so unique, I wouldn’t even have to try being at the top of search engines.    Foolish mortal.

So I guess there’s a well known speaker manufacturer named “Paradigm” and they produce a line of speakers called “Phantoms.”  It’s all about the due diligence people.  Never been my thing.  So there I will sit on page 20 of google for all eternity. Like naming my book The Mazda of Miata. Why aren’t I ranking?

It’s all gravy though.  I didn’t really write a book to sell a book.  I wrote a book to write a book. Done.  On my shelf.  Oh, that one?  That’s actually mine. What’s the name of your book again? Oh, for some reason I thought everyone wrote a book. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be sad if the book gets bought a million times so I can get off the Carlos Rossi super jug of Sangria and graduate to a nice $5-7 single bottle of Merlot from Trader Joe’s.